Food Writing

One of S.F.'s best new spots has Jewish food on the menu


Having a section devoted to "Cucina Ebraica" on his menu at Che Fico is a political statement for David Nayfeld, a first-generation American chef, whose parents came from Belarus.

First it was quinoa. Could millet be the next supergrain?


Some Berkeley grad students would like to see this grain, known more as birdseed in the U.S., become the next quinoa. It's a nutritional powerhouse, cheap and gluten-free.

As Kneaded's Iliana Berkowitz intends to be best bread in the Bay


Iliana Berkowitz of As Kneaded Bakery has one goal and one goal only, to be known as the best bread in the Bay Area. "Why would I be doing this otherwise?" she asks.

Lisa Gottreich finds a second career, in making cheese


Bohemian Creamery's cheeses are served in more than a few of the area's finest restaurants. It began when Lisa Gottreich traded in her ex-husband for some goats. 

Ba-Bite: An Israeli fast-casual eatery finds a home in the East Bay


Alix was a guest on Check Please, Bay Area talking about Ba-Bite, but it's since closed. But before it did, she wrote this  one of two pieces about the Israeli eatery. 

The voice behind Berkeley Bowl's social media accounts


For a few months, Berkeley Bowl's social media accounts were hilarious. It stopped, unfortunately, but I had to meet the person behind them and she didn't disappoint.

Will Boichik Bagels be the bagel we've been waiting for?


"A world without an H&H bagel is a world I don't want to live in," New Jersey native Emily Winston says. Hence, her mission: to recreate the beloved NYC bagel in the Bay Area. 

Augie's brings Montreal's smoke meat to Berkeley


Smoke meat is a Jewish delicacy in Montreal. Here, not so much, though if Montreal native Lex Gopnik-Lewinski gets his way, it will be. TSA once confiscated his smoke meat.

Atlas Edibles are treats even your grandmother will love


Meet Ezra Malmuth, a trained chef who has brought an edible to market that's a lot healthier and tastier than your usual gummy bear or cookie. Even his grandma thinks so.

Chef Tu David Phu reimagines flavors and tells stories of Vietnam


Before Chef Tu David Phu competed on Bravo's "Top Chef," he did a wonderful Vietnamese pop-up just steps away from Oakland Tech, where he went to high school. 

Texas-born-and-raised Jewish chef celebrates Spanish cuisine


If Chef Mat Schuster hadn't fallen in love with a Spaniard, he might have been a deli man, he says.  Jewish holiday menus continue to be a thing at his Spanish S.F. spot.

Yotam Ottolenghi nails it yet again with NOPI cookbook


Alix used to write these "taste tests" for the Forward's food blog, where friends would be invited over to help evaluate recipes from a new cookbook. This one was especially epic.