Work with Alix


As a Speaker

I have a talk in development about Jewish chefs' contributions to the Bay Area food scene that can be tailored to your community. Hear about the Jewish chefs and personalities that help make this one of the most vibrant food scenes in the country. And while completely unconnected, I also speak frequently about my family's story during the Holocaust. I am part of the New Generations Speaker's Bureau of the Holocaust Center of Northern California. Click here to learn more about that story.


As a Consultant

Since starting The Illuminoshi, I have been asked to consult on everything from restaurant menus and concepts to cookbooks to cooking spaces to business names and more. Also, covering the local food scene means I always know what's happening in the ever-changing Bay Area food landscape. I'm happy to consult or brainstorm with you, too. 


As a Writer/Editor for Hire

I've learned that every couple has a great love story, even if they "just met online." It's the small details that always make their story unique. While I can't get your story into a newspaper, I can write it just for you, to be printed with some photos into a keepsake. I also can help with copy editing web sites, writing newsletters and more.

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